Young people everywhere should learn and understand UX. Better yet, enjoy fulfilling careers in the field. With your help, they don’t have to do it alone.

While we teach, we learn

Roman philosopher Seneca

You liaise directly with your assigned school contact

Just two hours a month needed

Pre-record or email over your advice

Teenagers aged 13-16

Student projects sent directly to you

Why become a mentor?


Give back

Giving advice is a way of giving back to the industry. By helping students reach their fullest potential, you help the UX industry thrive.

More knowledge

By helping students improve their industry knowledge, mentors build on their own. Because the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else!

More Knowledge

Sharing is caring

As a UX designer you love helping people. Mentoring means you can connect and collaborate with even more minds, to continue to learn and understand others.


Mentoring is fun! Seeing a student learn, grow and start their UX career is a wonderful experience most mentors never forget.

Spread the Word

Spread the word

UX changes the world. It matters. As a mentor you help share its importance and help others understand its positive impact.


Thanks to technology, we can cultivate a global design community where people from all walks of life can put their differences aside and their heads together!


I'm interested. How do I start?

Step 1

Apply via our application form. We’ll review it and get back to you

Step 2

If successful, we will assign you a school or class (depending on their size and your availability)

Step 3

Once students have finished their design projects, the school will contact you and send them across

Step 4

Via pre-recorded video or email, you offer your invaluable advice and feedback. Simple!

Become a mentor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a UX mentor. Please fill out the information below!

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How much time do I need?

How much time do I need?

We ask for a minimum of two hours a month.

How old are the students?

How old are the students?

13-16 years old.

What countries are the students from?

What countries are the students from?

UK, USA, Japan, India, Canada and Australia... but we're still growing!

There is no requirement to speak another language as our students speak English.

Will I be paid?

Will I be paid?

This is a volunteer position.

How will I connect with students?

How will I connect with students?

Once assigned a school or class by Digital Influx, the school will be in touch. Via pre-recorded videos or email, you send across your feedback on student design projects. The school then shares it to students in class. As a UX mentor, you will never be in direct contact with a student, only the school.

Don’t worry, Digital Influx initially liaises with everyone to help everything run smoothly.

How long does the mentorship program last?

How long does the mentorship program last?

It’s a minimum of a one-month commitment.

Digital Influx’s top priority is your child’s or student’s welfare. We have taken preventive action to create a safe and secure E-learning platform that protects them from harm, and empowers parents and teachers to understand the process behind what we do.