Digital Influx is the world’s first EdTech company to teach young people User Experience (UX) design. We aim to inspire a future generation of forward-thinking innovators capable of creating a better world.

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UX for Kids

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UX for Teens

Module 1
UX Foundations

Module 2
Research Skills

Module 3
Intermediate UX

Module 4
Preparing for
the workplace

UX Bootcamp


Proud partners with Kingston University, leaders in Innovation and Design education

Digital Influx is leading the drive to introduce UX to schools globally and are proud to work with Kingston University as a recommended partner for UX in further education. Kingston University is one of the best known education establishements in the UK and provides amazing courses focused on design and innovation through UX.

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We are proud to be working with Invision to support teenagers in their first steps into the world of UX design

Invision offers very innovative software and we are thrilled to introduce this to our students

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What our customers say

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“Learning how to be empathetic has never been so important. I would recommend this course greatly for that”

James Watson, Software Engineer

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“"I enjoyed learning about UX. I can spot it in my favorite apps now"”

Freida Crooks

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“I really enjoyed teaching the 'UX for Kids' course and learned a lot from it myself. What a great idea to introduce such an in-demand skill like UX at an earlier age”

Mei Chen, Secondary School Teacher

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“It’s been great to see my daughter interested in studying over lockdown. The 'UX for Kids' course has kept her engaged, and I like the topics that the kids are able to design around”

Carroll Flatley, HR Manager

UX design is the sixth highest paying entry-level job, according to Glassdoor

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Introduce them to the fastest growing industry in the world and its impact on us all

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Lessons to show them a successful design means empathizing

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Diversity & Inclusion

First-of-their-kind courses to change the future world of work

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Let’s teach our future generation the power of innovation

UX skills matter, across cultures

Global Design Community

Global Design Community

They can share their design ideas in our safe & supportive digital community

School Mentorship

School Mentorship

They even receive professional help & advice from their school’s assigned mentor

Digital Influx’s top priority is your child’s or student’s welfare. We have taken preventive action to create a safe and secure E-learning platform that protects them from harm, and empowers parents and teachers to understand the process behind what we do.